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Top 7 Best Speakers for Harley Street Glide (2020 Review)

Best Speakers for HarleyBlasting the favorite tunes on trails with your precious Harley can certainly give a pleasant enjoyment. It’s indeed possible on all occasions, all thanks to Harley speakers. In fact, stereo systems are no longer confined within cars & trucks.

What can be better than that for a valued extension for Harley? The problem comes with the choice, as the market is overwhelmed with lots of variations.

But how can you invest in the right one? That’s where we would like to help you out.

Right here, we got the best speakers for Harley Street Glide you should consider. Covering all the necessary details, choosing the most suitable one should become an easy task.

#1 Speakers for Harley Street Glide

Hogtunes 352F-AA Front Speakers

Hogtunes 352F-AA Front Speakers

Making out the #1 pick among the top picks is undeniably one difficult task. Considering all the options, Hogtunes 352F-AA is the ultimate best speaker for Harley touring. The 5.25” sized replacement speaker easily suits 2006 – 2013 FLH models. If you don’t have any major issues with the bass response, it’ll certainly meet your overall satisfaction. A lower price tag against superior serviceability makes it well-worth your investment.

Its weighted & dependable frame remains easy to install within minutes. Through the stock mounts fairing inside – it’s just place, plug & play. The Gen3 front Harley-Davidson speaker can impart an upgrade for previous models. In fact, this is the ultimate choice to improve the sound quality without upgrading its amp. Without any booming base or significant break-in, the sound remains crisp & reasonably loud.
Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 5.25”
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Dimension: 5.6” x 5.6”
  • Thickness: 3” – 4”
  • Type: Front
  • Power: 100 Watt
  • Ohm: 2 Ω
  • Magnet: Vented
  • Dome Material: Titanium
  • Dome Size: 1”


  • Compact design for nice fit
  • Long-lasting serviceability
  • Excellent handling of power
  • Clear & crisp sound output
  • Incredibly smoother highs


  • Small backside magnet
  • Foam may tear off easily

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Technology Behind Harley Street Glide Speakers

The first thing to understand of speaker is its technical specifications. This includes the internal components & their functionalities. It’s quite essential when your intention lies with outdoor uses.

Cone & Undulation

Cone/diaphragm is the ultimate medium to transfer the vibrations to the air. It’s of fabric, polymer or even paper. Meanwhile, cone undulation allows the system to move in a well-defined linear motion. The external/outer portion maintains an attachment with an integrated rim. The rim itself remains connected to the frame.

Voicing Coil

It’s the movable component within the induced magnetic field. Not to mention, this movement literally causes the audio output. Using the electricity from the built-in amplifier, the coil movement occurs. It also triggers the cone motion to generate the desired sound level.

Magnet & Size

Regarding magnetic field, it’s essential to include magnets for the mechanism. All modern & advanced magnets are permanent in the system. The magnet size is highly variable which directly depends on its intended purpose.

Dome Tweeter

When it’s speaker, the most noticeable sign is the circular dome. It’s actually a protective cover for the coil to prevent dirt & dust. Although it comes in different types, dome tweeter remains the most common for Harley speakers.

Benefits of Using Speakers for Harley Street Glide

There are certain benefits you can attend by using the best speakers for Harley.

  • Enjoyable Long Trips – No more deafening silence or annoying noise on the road trip. It’ll definitely make a long ride quite enjoyable & relaxing.
  • Rolling Outdoor Entertainment – With an installed speaker, you can enjoy all the outdoor tasks anytime. Whether you’re close or not, the system will turn up your favorite tunes.
  • Increased Resale Value – An upgraded stereo system on your Harley will obviously increase the resale value. With the right speaker, you surely can boost up the profile.
  • Audio GPS Navigation – It’s quite a lesser-known advantage of installing a speaker system. Wireless speakers can easily function in conjunction with GPS facility.

Available Speaker Types for Harley Street Glide

When you decide to purchase a speaker for Harley, it’s important to understand the types. In fact, the targeted speakers here are strictly for outdoor/exterior applications. Many buyers tend to ignore this fact which later causes several issues.


It’s the smallest type to produce within the audible range of 2000 – 20000 Hz frequency. The Tweeter/Treble speakers induce high pitching sound like birds. Its compact size helps the diaphragm to vibrate faster. That’s where size plays an important role to generate high-frequency sounds. Modern technology includes silk, polyester, alloy & even titanium for flexible movement. But on the road, the sound clarity isn’t up to the mark at cruising speed.


Almost all the cone-shaped speakers are basically this type. But also, you may find some dome-shaped speakers; obviously not for Harley. The design remains quite simple voice coil & cone attachment for its diaphragm. This Mid-Range/Squeaker can serve within 250 – 2000 Hz sound frequency. Being the busiest range, it’s prone to high discrepancy & distortion. That’s why it seems okay but not very useful on busy roads.


Bass gets generated by the low-frequency audio output. It’s a rather small & compact unit where audibility remains at the top of the spectrum. Not to mention, woofers & subwoofers fall in this category. Woofer functions under 40 Hz to 500 Hz frequency. For subwoofers, the suitability measures 100 Hz frequency. A combination of two can induce further clarity, but it’s quite unacceptable when you have cruising speed/busy traffic ahead.

Full Range

Just like its name, the speaker covers the entire range of audio spectrum. Though it produces low to high frequency, the challenge lies with its physical limitations. The size has to remain moderate for proper functionality, neither small nor large. With advanced technology, the core design & diaphragm may feature some improvements. Therefore, it still remains the most suitable option to choose for Harley-Davidson audio system.

How to choose the right speakers for HD Street Glide motorcycle:

The Best Speakers for Harley Street Glide

Short on time to check all the details at once? Then take a look at the quick comparison of our top choices right below.

Item Size (inches) Amplifying Power (Watt)
Hogtunes 352F-AA Front Speakers 5.25 100 (RMS) / 150 (Max)
Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Motorcycle Speaker 3.00 600 (Average)
Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Power Harley 6.5 75 (RMS) / 150 (Max)
Rockford Fosgate R1-HD2-9813 Harley Motorcycle 5.25 140 (Average)
BOSS Audio Systems MC420B Motorcycle Speaker 3” 600 (Average)
pkg Herz ECX-165.5 2-Way Coaxial Speakers 6.5” 210 (Average)
Hogtunes 362F-RM Front Speaker 6.5” 125 (RMS)
Item Bluetooth Connectivity Compatible
Hogtunes 352F-AA Front Speakers No 2006 – 2013
Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Motorcycle Speaker Yes Bike/Scooter/
Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Power Harley No 2014 & Newer
Rockford Fosgate R1-HD2-9813 Harley Motorcycle No 1998 – 2013
BOSS Audio Systems MC420B Motorcycle Speaker Yes Bike/Scooter/
pkg Herz ECX-165.5 2-Way Coaxial Speakers No Classic to Modern
Hogtunes 362F-RM Front Speaker No 2014 — 2016

The top best product [hide]

Hogtunes 352F-AA Front Speakers

Hogtunes 352F-AA Front Speakers
Despite its simple look, you’ll certainly receive dependable, durable performance. Hogtunes 352F-AA has dense grill & adapter to initiate superb sound clarity. The built-in magnets increase its handling capability for the 100 Watt RMS power. High-quality dome triggers smoother highs while newer technology provides more bass response.

Depending on your setup, the best speakers for Harley Davidson promises to deliver excellent sound quality. If you want to enjoy a relaxing ride, it’s definitely the perfect option around.
Technical Specifications:
Weighted construction with a reasonable 100-Watt RMS rating.
Integration of vented magnets to handle the designated power.
Additional 1” sized Titanium tweeter dome for 2-Ohm its style.
Rather short break-in period to reach the desired audible level.
Smoother highs for clarity.
Highly durable serviceability.
Enhanced bass response.
Almost no distortion occurs.
Smaller backside magnet.

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Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Motorcycle Speaker

Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Motorcycle Speaker
Equipped with weatherproof technology, it blasts your tunes through a compact amplifier. The 3” Boss Audio Speaker pair lets you play the music using Bluetooth. For the 600 Watt power, you can even enjoy inline volume control. Through the bracket, the speaker fits into 0.75”-1.25” sized handlebar easily. The tiny 3” speaker provides crystal clear sound at moderate/standard speed. It’s one reliable choice when you want the favorite sound, not the road noise.
Technical Specifications:
Bluetooth streaming for connectivity, inline volume control.
Quite powerful & compact 600 Watt amplifier of class D.
Built-in bracket adjustment for easy installation, simple use.
Fully weatherproof frame with standard 3.5mm Aux input.
Fully wireless connectivity.
Plugging into mobile apps.
Standard audio jack input.
High sound quality, clarity.
Control knob seems small.

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Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Power Harley

Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Power Harley
Make the perfect match for the pipes with its full range coaxial functionality. The Rockford Fosgate TMS65 ensures a direct fit for 2014 & newer motorcycles. The speakers for Harley road glide includes a compact motor. It triggers high resistance to weather. For its 75W (RMS) amplification, the built-in dome tweeter initiates clearer output. Aside from its drawback, it’s one outstanding plug & play gear. If you want something ergonomic for Harley-Davidson audio boom, this is a great option.
Technical Specifications:
Neodymium motor, reinforced polypropylene & Santoprene surround.
Reasonable 25mm sized dome tweeter features a built-in phase plug.
New grill assembly for direct installation with either Tour Pak or fairing.
Isolating connection between housing & cone for holding components.
Direct replacement, durable built.
High resistance to water/weather.
Maximized frequency response.
Crisp, clear high at cruising speed.
Questionable output at low/mid-range.

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Rockford Fosgate R1-HD2-9813 Harley Motorcycle

Rockford Fosgate R1-HD2-9813 Harley Motorcycle
Enjoy the favorite tunes on the road with satisfying sound quality. The 5.25” Rockford Fosgate R1-HD2-9813 speakers include a 2-Channel Class-D amplifier. It allows multiple mounting options using the included hardware to fit into 1998-2013 Harley-Davidsons. Also, the customizable pass-thru output from aluminum heatsink delivers maximized EQ, crossover & gain. It’s the best speakers for Harley lower fairings through a closed-loop designation. If you want to facilitate perfect audio expansion, this is a pretty good choice.
Technical Specifications:
Extruded aluminum sink for thermal & short-circuit insulation.
Three-position control for its integrated pass-thru output level.
Inclusion of harness, installation hardware eases overall setup.
Powerful 140W 2-speaker system for 1998-2013 motorcycles.
System expanding output level.
Easy & simple installation task.
Several options for mounting.
Durably built for optimized EQ.
Slight distortion may occur.

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BOSS Audio Systems MC420B Motorcycle Speaker

BOSS Audio Systems MC420B Motorcycle Speaker
Simply blast the tunes using Bluetooth connectivity without compromising sound clarity. The MC420B is more like a copycat of the previous MCBK420B model. The 3” chrome speaker features an adjustable bracket for mounting, weatherproof built & Class D amplifier. You can enjoy the entire music library using 3.5mm Aux input & inline volume control. No annoying engine/on-road noise to hear anymore when you have its loud highs. Within a considerably low price, it’s indeed an affordable audio system for your motorcycle.
Technical Specifications:
Bluetooth streaming with corded remote control volume.
Powerful 600W amplifier functions over full-range audio.
Highly weatherproof & reasonably compact construction.
Hardware with adjustable bracket suits 0.75”–1.25” bars.
Incredibly crisp, clear sound level.
Maximized weather protection.
Standard connectivity for devices.
Simple fit, handlebar installation.
Limited range of Bluetooth.

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pkg Hertz ECX-165.5 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

pkg Hertz ECX-165.5 2-Way Coaxial Speakers
Listen to your favorite playlist on the trail with maximum clarity through its unique functionality. The pkg ECX-165.2 by Hertz features a convenient 2-way coaxial action. With a reasonable 210W power handling capability, the amplifier produces crisp & clear sound. The speakers for Harley Davidson ultra-classic remains compatible even for classic Harleys, thanks to its adapter rings. When everything is for the latest Harley-Davidson motorcycles, it comes for the classics. Obviously, the budget-friendly system is suitable even for your newer ones.
Technical Specifications:
Simple framework & installation, high weather resistance.
Unique but highly convenient 2-way coaxial functionality.
Inclusion of 2 different sized (5.25” & 6.5”) adapter rings.
Powerful 210W rating to generate clearer & louder sound.
Simple but durable built.
Reasonably clear output.
Easy to assemble, install.
High compatibility value.
No wireless feature.

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Hogtunes 362F-RM Front Speaker

Hogtunes 362F-RM Front Speaker
Induce a convenient upgrade for the current stereo system to enjoy crystal clear tunes. The 362F-RM by Hogtunes includes an efficient magnet assembly to produce a 20% louder sound. It’s indeed a decent replacement system for the 2014 – 2016 Harley-Davidson touring models. Through the tweeter attachment, the 125W output beats highway cruising speed. Installing the 6x9 speakers will definitely give improvement over stock. When you look for upgrading the factory system, it’s a good way to go.
Technical Specifications:
Convenient 6.5” sized front speaker with extended coverage.
Proprietary assembly with hybrid magnet increases intensity.
Functional at 125W RMS rating over standard 2 Ω resistance.
Waterproof built keeps interior mechanism intact all the way.
Quite durable functionality.
Impressive power handling.
Enhanced sound generation.
Rather simple installation.
Somewhat poor bass.

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Speakers for Harley Street Glide – Buying Guide

Speakers for HarleyChoosing the right speaker is undeniably important & in this case, it’s quite troublesome. One mistake can mess with your purchase. Ignoring the essential points will, therefore, give you nothing except barely audible sounds. That’s why you need to pay attention while making a choice for speakers for Harley Davidson ultra-classic.

Sound Quality Gets Top Priority

Whatever features the speaker includes, the audio performance has to remain up to par. Even the best one is of no use if you can’t hear clearly. It’s a basic combo of your hearing proximity, speaker quality & on-road traffic. For heavy & busy road drives, you’ll have to go for something powerful. But on the silent highway, you can settle down for reasonably low power. It’s worth remembering that your hearing ability isn’t the same as manufacturer recommendation. Before purchasing the speaker, you also need to ensure its effect on ear sensitivity.

Installation & Compatibility Requires Attention

Every single speaker comes with a specified list of compatible Harley-Davidson vehicles. Some speakers are compatible with lots of Harley models whereas some have limited usability. You’ll have to know the model number of your vehicle & match it with the chosen one. if you’re unable to determine the compatibility or model number, you may need to contact the manufacturer.

Appropriate assembly or installation is an integral part of smooth functionality. Most of the 6×9 speakers for Harley require incredibly simple assembly getting out of the pack. And the installation is also easy enough with detailed instructions. You’ll have to understand whether you can do it yourself or require extra assistance.

Is Bluetooth Connectivity Absolutely Necessary?

With the advancement of technology, wireless speakers already started to dominate. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor – you can get topmost quality for Bluetooth speakers. But it’s not a compulsory element for everyone. As the speaker runs on battery, you’ll have to consider a suitable source for recharge on longer trips.

Also, it’s a blessing on long drives, thanks to its smartphone app connectivity. You can go through the playlist over hours without any major interruption. If your trip includes GPS tracking, then you’ll have to choose Bluetooth for sure. Again, this feature is particularly invaluable when you make trips to remote, wild desolate areas.

Durable Design is Always Preferable

When you’re outside, you know that nature remains quite unpredictable to bring in havoc in seconds. Dust & debris or rain & snow are rather common issues your speaker needs to withstand. Even direct exposure to bright sunlight can cause a negative impact. Your chosen best speakers for Harley Davidson street glide must resist weathering actions. It should have a weatherproof design, or waterproof framework in the least.

Amplifier Power/Wattage is Important

In simple words, the intensity/loudness of speaker sound directly depends on amplifier wattage. Almost all the speakers are available in the market with a well-defined power rating. Lower wattage means less powerful output for sound intensity. It’s suitable when your path is rather quiet with a few numbers of traffic. But you can’t hear anything on busy roads, loaded with lots of traffic. In that case, you’ll have to go for higher wattage options. With an increased power rating, the loudness level also increases.

Several models include two specifications in this regard – RMS & Max Power/Wattage. Both are interrelated in terms of powering continuity. Max power reveals the maximum level of wattage the speaker can handle at a time. But RMS (Root Mean Square) estimates the average rating of continued power it can handle. For example – our #1 pick from Hogtunes has 100W RMS against the 150W Max rating. It functions comfortably on 100W of continuous power with occasional burst reaching 150W.

What are Mounting Options?

While making the purchase, you also need to focus on its possible mounting options. There are different options available for mounting a speaker system, even with Harley-Davidson. Considering the relevant speakers, the most common options include – Fairing mount, Front/Handlebar/Highway bar mount & Rear mount. There come helmet speakers as well, particularly for communication purposes.

Fairing vs Handlebar vs Helmet

Motorcycle fairing is one specific shell placed just over the mainframe. The feature remains useful when you have speakers to blast the tunes. 6.5 speakers for Harley fairing is quite common for two-wheelers like racing motorcycles & sports bikes. Both drive quality & riding experience gets better with fairing speakers than any other.

Perhaps the most common stereo mounting option lies with the motorcycle front/handlebar. Even its installation is rather simple for beginners or novices. The position can easily project the generated sound directly on the rider. It remains an ideal option when getting a clearer sound is incredibly important.
Helmet speakers are indeed the latest addition in the outdoor speaker industry.

As the name suggests, the speaker remains integrated on the rider’s helmet. It’s highly useful for quick navigational & urgent communication. Though it sounds thrilling, the sound quality of tunes or music isn’t standard here.

Other Features to Look for

Apart from the aforementioned facts, there are still certain factors to check out. It may not sound essential, but their presence can obviously increase the overall quality.

  • Connector – While getting a new stereo system, you should look into the factory connections first. Something from pre-installed manufacturer eliminates issues regarding fitting & placement. Obviously, it’s useful unless the sound quality has unsatisfactorily poor clarity.
  • Input – Without integrated FM radio & wireless connectivity, you’ll have to take input source into account. Almost all Harley-Davidson speakers feature AUX input. More specifically, the jack measures a standard 3.5mm auxiliary input system.
  • Control – All the control buttons should come in a good placement. Easy accessibility to control buttons lets you enjoy quick & simple adjustments at once. But awkwardly positioned control can cause distraction which is no good on the road.
  • Safety – One important factor to keep in mind is your own safety on the trail. It’s true to enjoy louder tunes for relaxation, but it has to remain within the limit. Complete unawareness over listening will increase the danger of major accidental occurrences.
  • Preference – Personal music preference is one underrated factor that greatly affects speaker’s acceptance. Quite bass-heavy tunes may not sound really good on certain models. For Harley-Davidson speakers, low-mid frequencies hold great than others.

Speakers for Harley Street Glide - FAQs

Do I need an additional amplifier for these speakers?

Most of the models feature built-in amplifiers nowadays. Even if it doesn’t, the amplifier isn’t exactly necessary.

How to waterproof the speaker manually?

One simple method of waterproofing the speaker is to build front fairing & windshield. You’ll have to use thermoplastic or polymer for creating an intact case.

What type of speaker comes with the highest weatherproof built?

Considering the available cases, marine-grade speakers seem to provide the best performance.

Is it difficult to install the speaker?

Not exactly. Most speakers arrive almost assembled. You’ll require a simple installation without taking much time.

How can I wire Harley speakers easily?

For most cases, the speaker pack includes all the necessary hardware. Removal of old system & installation of new one depends on mounting & Harley specs. What you need is to follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer.


Upgrade the age-old stereo to enjoy a relaxed ride on your favorite roads with optimum sound output.

Despite the limitation, each individual option promises to give maximized performance. All you need is to determine the Harley model & make the match with the aforementioned speakers. No annoying distortion or traffic horns to mess with your ride. Using the best motorcycle speakers for Harley Davidson will, therefore, give an audible blasting of your playlist.